C&A offers testing for measuring the long-term conductivity of ceramic, natural sand or resin-coated proppants. Testing procedures for fracture conductivity can be performed per standard ISO 13503-5 recommendations. C&A also has the ability to customize testing procedures and parameters to meet the needs of our clients. Each conductivity press offers the ability to go to a closure stress of 20,000psi and range from ambient temperature to 300°F.

Possible multiple test modifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Solid Steel plates in place of the sandstone cores

  • Proppant loading ranging from partial monolayer to greater than 2.0 lb/ft2

  • Custom closure stress increments or times

  • Cyclical stress measurements

  • Regained conductivity after fracturing fluid

Test or Be Tested

Eliminate the guesswork! We partner with clients to select tests, customize conditions, and tailor data reporting to meet their specific requirements.

Precise, Repeatable Results

C&A has been a leader in testing and consulting services in the oil industry since 1997. Our tests yield precise, high quality, reproducible data every time.

On Time Every Time

Our diverse, dedicated staff is committed to continued growth and development, constantly pursuing the skills that allow us to deliver precise data in a timely fashion.

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