C&A offers Capillary Suction Testing (CST) which utilizes off-the-shelf equipment to give rapid determination of fluid and shale interactions. CST testing is used to determine impact on shale swelling. Results are reported normalized to a “blank” test with no shale. Slower CST times (larger normalized values) indicate reaction of the test fluid with the shale. Lower CST times show less interaction with the shale.

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Eliminate the guesswork! We partner with clients to select tests, customize conditions, and tailor data reporting to meet their specific requirements.

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C&A has been a leader in testing and consulting services in the oil industry since 1997. Our tests yield precise, high quality, reproducible data every time.

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Our diverse, dedicated staff is committed to continued growth and development, constantly pursuing the skills that allow us to deliver precise data in a timely fashion.

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