State of the Art Testing Equipment and Facilities

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Customized lab testing for the
Oilfield Completion and Stimulation Services

C&A has successfully delivered testing and consulting services in the oil industry since 1997. Based in Owasso, OK, C&A specializes in well completions in soft formation and hydraulic fracturing fluid. Test offerings are based on client protocol, data requirements, and specific well conditions. Our tests yield precise, high quality reproducible data - on time, every time. Contact us today for a custom test.

The focus of practice for C&A is research and testing in:

  • Selecting of sand control screens for horizontal and vertical wells in unconsolidated formations.

  • Evaluations of drill-in fluids for fluid loss control and foltercake cleanup. Evaluation of fluid loss control pills.

  • Rheological measurements of linear and cross-linked hydraulic fracturing fluids, drill-in fluids and well control pills.

  • C&A has developed a test apparatus to assist in verifying performance of Friction Reducers in small-scale tubing.


We are constantly striving to provide our clients with the highest level of service in a timely fashion.